Professional RIP software designed and developed for industrial inkjet printing applications. ColorPRINT offers fast RIP speed, reliable & efficient job printing production, and streamlined workflow. Users can easily obtain smooth gradients, vivid images and sharp small size texts with its advanced RIP technology.ICC color management workflow ensures vivid and brilliant colors. ColorPRINT is available in ColorPRINT PS and ColorPRINT Server to satisfy the demands of medium-scaled and large-scaled users respectively.

Creative Main Interface with Intuitive Preview

   Creative main interface enables users to easily lay out a single job with intuitive preview. And basic parameters can be set in the main interface, such as media types, quality settings, image sizes and image copies. You can also preview the image while editing.

Hot Folder  

   ColorPRINT Software automatically and constantly monitors the Hot Folder for incoming jobs. When you add a file to this folder, it will be added to ColorPRINT Software queue and processed with the printer properties' settings, such as media type, ink type, image size and quality settings.

Printing a Job from an Application

   You can directly send jobs from any application to ColorPRINT Software to Rip and print, such as Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe InDesign® and CorelDRAW®.

Multi-output Port
   Multi-output port mode supports sending one job to multiple printers which can highly increase print efficiency. In this mode, one job can be sent to up to 2 (ColorPRINT PS) or 4 (ColorPRINT Server) printers, and different output devices will use the same ripped data at the same time.

Combine or Separate
   Separation files are widely used in traditional printing industry. Combine/ Separate option enables you to directly process images through the color channels of process color inks, such as C, M, Y, K, white color, and spot colors that you select from spot color library.

Group Job for Photo Printing
   Group job is composed of multiple single jobs which can be nested. Users not only can add multiple single jobs to create a group job, but also can add a folder, whose jobs will automatically become one group. This function can be applied to photo printing which greatly enhances the efficiency of adding jobs, editing, printing and cutting.

Nesting and Tiling
    Media wastage could be minimized by ColorPRINT's nesting feature which intelligently rearranges and rotates multiple images. It is easy and intuitive to use. You can automatically nest jobs following the automatic nesting settings, such as time condition, media length covered and number of jobs. Or you can manually adjust the arrangements of nested jobs.

   ColorPRINT can detect the dimensions of output printable. If a job larger than the dimensions is sent, the software will automatically tile the output file for 2 or more pieces to print.With Manual Tiling feature, you can choose to print only a certain part and not to process the entire image. It is very flexible and useful because the high-quality part of a defective picture can be still used. The feature gives you greater production flexibility.

Media Monitor Tracks Media Usage
   Media length consuming can be monitored by ColorPRINT. All the jobs in the same printer including history jobs will be calculated in Consumed Length. When the media consuming length exceeds the total length of the media, it will show you the warning message.

Ink Estimation
   Ink Estimation feature enables you to calculate ink consumption of selected job. Ink estimation information is shown including dot size, ink amount, ink cost, etc. You are able to export the current information as a .csv file.

Multi-Roll Media Layout
   ColorPRINT Software supports the function of multi-roll media layout (ColorPRINT Server only). The printers are able to get the width and position data of each media roll with sensors.You can also input the data by yourself. Jobs added into the software will be arranged according to your settings of the multiple media rolls.

Spot Color
   Spot colors are premixed inks used instead of, or in addition to, process color (CMYK) inks. ColorPRINT Software allows you to process and print spot colors with or without spot color libraries.

White Ink Printing
White ink feature is used for over-printing on transparent materials for backlit applications, under-printing for colored materials, printing white out of images, or printing white as a spot color. Automatic White Ink Background Choking ensures that the white ink will not be printed beyond the print area of CMYK inks.

Powerful Color Management
   ColorPRINT Software is compliant with ICC workflow. It helps you to easily obtain accurate color reproduction.Different input ICC Profiles and rendering intents can be specified for different kinds of objects, like vector, gradient,text and image. Whatever the file is, the printed color will be the exact match. ColorPRINT Software also supports ICC Profiles for different color channels output.

Object Template
   Copy Template Layout provides the function of image copy. You can define the locations of copy images and each image will be put in an individual element. Image copies can be set by inputting the number of copy image and job copies. The nested images or group job can be also printed on the template.

Step & Repeat (for Textile Printing, Optional Feature)
   With ColorPRINT Software, image pattern can be stepped and repeated for continuous printing. It is specially designed for textile printing. Here you can input the size of the area, define the repeat modes, and select the mirror pattern for the copies.

ColorPRINT T-Shirt
   ColorPRINT T-shirt Software supports 3 modes of T-shirt printing: white T-shirt printing, graphic or text printing of black or color T-shirts, plus photo image printing of black or color T-shirts. T-shirt template and guide lines are designed to set the position of image accurately. You can also drag the border line of image to zoom in or zoom out the image manually in the preview panel.

ColorPRINT Bottle/ Cup
   Whether it is a cylindrical bottle or a conical cup, ColorPRINT Bottle/ Cup Software has the capability of precisely controlling the amount of ink and the locations of droplets to achieve consistent color and excellent print quality.

   Bottle/ Cup template allows you to define print locations of images by inputting diameter, height, UV width and UV start position. In addition, the color and print quality of bottle/ cup can be set by your preference. It also offers an intuitive 2D/ 3D preview of the job.