3sixty DualSpin

Making bottle printing look easy

   The 3sixty DualSpin (TBD) strengthens our market position with its unrivaled production speed. For higher demand on production volume. Printing and loading simultaneously, this is our fastest bottle printer built for bottles, cans, cosmetic products, tumblers drink wares, industrial printing and more.

   Compared with traditional taper/ cylinder printing, like pad printing, screen printing and label printing. 3sixty DualSpin has prominent advantages in being free from plates, fast warm-up, short turnaround time, as well as customized printing. Also superior to digital thermal transfer printers, 3sixty DualSpin owns more simplified workflow, easier operation and lower cost. With Variable Droplet Size control technology and light color printing, 3sixty DualSpin is specialized in producing soft skin tones, smooth gradients and vivid images on tapers/ cylinders, not being achieved with other printing technologies.

   3sixty DualSpin is an ideal choice for taper/ cylinder printing in short- & medium-run, customized and personalized production, package proofing applications, etc.

2×2 Operation Stations Accomplish High-efficiency Production

  3sixty DualSpin achieves high-efficiency production of short- & medium-run taper/ cylinder decoration featuring twin-bottle simultaneous printing and 2×2 operation stations for loading, printing, curing and unloading.

  • 2×2 operation stations move in and out alternately for continuous printing of tapers/ cylinders, optimizing production workflows and accomplishing effective industrial inkjet printing.
    As Fast as 27 Sec./ 4 pcs. in CMYKLcLm Mode

  • For tapered cup printing, 3sixty DualSpin adopts unique calibration technology to ensure that all the 4 cups at the stations are horizontal with the same angle, so as to obtain uniform printing quality and effect.

  • Advanced control technology enables stable and consistent printing quality for jobs at the 2×2 stations even in a long time of production.

Customized Printing Methods & Algorithms

   Through relentless exploration and practice, we have developed 3sixty DualSpin, integrated multiple proven and innovative technologies of great significance to achieve perfect print output effects on tapered/ cylindrical objects.

  • Thanks to the Rotational Print Pass Method (RPPM) and Special Print Head Arrangement Method, 3sixty DualSpin is endowed with amazing print productivity and quality for simultaneous printing of 2 tapered/ cylindrical objects.

  • Ink Droplet Conversion Algorithm realizes consistent resolutions and stable visual effects in different objects.

  • Ink Droplet Compensation Algorithm for taper printing ensures even image density on different sections of the taper and avoiding image deformation.

  • Combining special algorithms, 3sixty DualSpin thoroughly eliminates gaps or overlaps of images in 360° seamless printing.

  • 3sixty DualStation supports Colorful Variable Data Printing, including logos, images, texts, numbers, codes, etc.



CMYK White Varnish Primer Light Magenta Light Cyan



Print length

Up to 220 mm


1200 x 900 DPI

Maximum product

Cylindrical Bottle

Length: 110 - 270 mm

Diameter: 40 - 120 mm


10 pcs RICOH Gen 4


UV-LED ink.

Bulk system with circulation



Operating enviroment

Room temperature: 16°C - 28°C

Humidity: 40 - 70%