3sixty (TBC)

   3sixty is an extremely fast UV-LED printer completely built for direct printing on cylindrical and coneformed objects such as bottles, thermoses or cans.

   Using eco friendly UV-LED technology, 3sixty offers ability to print on a wide range of materials including metal, glass, paper, wood and plastic.

   With our 3sixty printer we are at the top edge of the industry and our machine has several smart innovations built-in, which set apart the limits of the current print industry and creates entirely new opportunities for you and your production.

   3sixty produces crisp sharp print around the bottle even at high speed printing up to 1200 x 900 dpi.

   The simplified workflow provides everyone with high requirements to speed and print quality. 3sixty is the most powerful bottle-printer on the market today.

3sixty DualSpin (TBD)

   The 3Sixty DualSpin strengthens our market position with its unrivaled production speed. For higher demand on production volume. Printing and loading simultaneously, this is our fastest bottle printer built for bottles, cans, cosmetic products, tumblers drink wares, industrial printing and more.

   Compared with traditional taper/ cylinder printing, like pad printing, screen printing and label printing, 3Sixty DualSpin has prominent advantages in being free from plates, fast warm-up, short turnaround time, as well as customized printing. Also superior to digital thermal transfer printers, 3Sixty DualSpin owns more simplified workflow, easier operation and lower cost. With Variable Droplet Size control technology and light color printing.

  3Sixty DualSpin is specialized in producing soft skin tones, smooth gradients and vivid images on tapers/ cylinders, not being achieved with other printing technologies. 3Sixty DualStation is an ideal choice for taper/ cylinder printing in short- & medium-run, customized and personalized production, package proofing applications, etc.

3sixty Tube (TBT)

   As a revolutionized industrial UV-LED inkjet printer, 3sixty Tube is specially designed for high-speed 360° seamless direct printing on tubes widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Ideal for prototyping,  customized packaging and promotional items, 3sixty Tube offers outstanding print quality, exceptional productivity and great flexibility. 3sixty Tube features twin-tube simultaneous printing and automatic operation of loading, printing, curing & unloading for high production efficiency and low manpower cost.

   Throughout the market, tube packaging is mostly screen printed or label printed. Screen printing requires costly screens for each color which means high cost per tube for small-scale orders, and doesn’t allow complicate designs and rich gradients. Labeled tubes look less professional than surface-printed tubes, of which the labels will get creasing or tearing in the tube filling and sealing process.

   As an ideal alternative to the above technologies, 3sixty Tube is endowed with new digital inkjet printing to revolutionize the tube packaging industry. 3sixty Tube produces smooth gradients, photorealistic images and crisp small-sized texts, achieving cost-effective medium- & short-run tube printing with efficient workflows and fast delivery time.

3sixty RotaSpin (TBX)

   3sixty RotaSpin is an industrial UV-LED inkjet printer developed by AMICA with dual operation stations for double print productivity. 3sixty RotaSpin is specially engineered for high-efficiency 360° seamless printing on tapers/cylinders, such as cups, bottles, tins, and cans. 3sixty DoubleSpin realizes stable, reliable, efficient and high-quality printing with comprehensive technologies.

   With Variable Droplet Size control technology and light color printing, 3sixty RotaSpin is specialized in producing soft skin tones, smooth gradients and vivid images on tapers/ cylinders, not being achieved with other printing technologies.

   Highlighted by simplified workflow and easy operation, 3sixty RotaSpin boosts up the print productivity, earning the reputation as an ideal choice for various emerging markets in short- & medium-run printing, customized and personalized printing, package proofing applications, etc